Energy efficient windows explained

The type of glass used in your windows affects how energy efficient your home can be. To help homeowners understand this, the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) developed the Window Energy Ratings System. Put simply, the system measures the efficiency of the complete window and ranges from A-G (A being the highest – most energy saving, G being the lowest). You’ll probably notice that the scheme is similar to those labels found on fridges and other appliances.

Energy Saving Recommended (ESR) is a government backed Energy Savings Trust. Products backed with this logo are guaranteed to be energy efficient. The ESR recommends a minimum of a C-Rated window to increase the efficiency of your home.

At Pro-Trade we can offer you Energy rated windows certified by the Energy Savings Trust. This means that you know you’ll be getting the best performance in terms of energy saving on the market today. Our Energy rated windows will keep the heat inside the home where it should be and keep the cold out making the home warmer and saving your customers money on there fuel bills!